How to Convert OLM to CSV format

Published on November 19, 2014


Outlook 2011 for Mac saves contacts and other data into OLM format. Since OLM can be accessed over Mac platform only, so to view Mac contacts into Windows platform or any other email client it needs to be converted to Windows supportive file format. One simple format for saving contacts is CSV as it is supportive in almost all email clients. Therefore, if you are looking forward to convert OLM to CSV, read further to get your query resolved.


For getting started with the overall procedure, let's summarize it in three simple steps –


  • Convert Mac Outlook contacts to 'tab-delimited text' using built in 'Export' feature of the respective application
  • Open 'tab-delimited text' file into Excel by transferring it to Windows platform using external storage media
  • Convert the file to CSV format after transferring it to the Windows operating system.


Description of Conversion Procedure

  • Step 1: Launch Outlook 2011 for Mac, go to 'File' and click on 'Export'
  • Step 2: The following window will appear; click on 'Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text)' option
  • Step 3: Since, you need to migrate contacts only, so uncheck all other options by using the associated checkboxes.
  • Step 4: Now, you will get a list of OLM contacts saved in .txt format. Next, this list can be accessed using Excel. By replacing .txt to .csv and provide the location where you want to save the file in "Where" option. Click Save.
  • Step 5: As the message is shows that exporting has finished you can click on Done button.


Ensure Complete Migration of OLM Contacts to CSV


The above mentioned procedure seems to be a bit cumbersome to the users who are finding for the solution on how to convert OLM to CSV format. But there is a drawback imposed on this approach as the OLM contacts when migrated to Excel, the names and attributes of the fields gets changed. So, this procedure is not recommended as the incorporated data will lose its integrity. So, if you are looking forward for trouble free and simplified migration, you can try OLM Contacts Migration tool which is a commercial conversion software and provides an error-free solution to convert Mac Outlook OLM contacts to CSV format.