How to Export Contacts from OLM to vCard

Published on March 28, 2015


Contacts are very important element of any email client. And user needs to keep an up-to-date sheet of contacts outside the email client also so that in case of any damages or confliction in desktop email client, there is at least one copy saved with the important contacts. In many other cases it has been found that Mac users need to migrate Outlook for Mac contacts to a more flexible and locomotive devices so that these are accessed any time anywhere. For instance, users are in search to know how to export contacts from OLM to vCard format so that these vCard files can be easily be accessed using Smartphone, i-Phones, tablets, etc.

But this requires a very reliable and authentic procedure so that none of the contacts are misplaced and they are migrated without any changes. Choosing the right method is equally important for better results. And most important is not only contacts, each and every detail associated with it must be migrated flawlessly. This blog will talk about a method to let users know how to export contacts from OLM to vCard format so that users of Outlook for Mac can access these contacts in Smartphone as well.

How to Export Outlook 2011 Contacts to vCard?

Unfortunately there is no direct method to send contacts from the Outlook for Mac email application to vCard files. And you will have to go through some extra efforts. This will require a Gmail account also. The process includes –

Let's see how it works?

Steps to be Followed for Contact Migration

Step 1: Now check the first option "Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text)' and click for next at bottom right corner.


Step 2: The following window will appear; click on 'Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text)' option.


Step 3: You can replace the .txt to .csv and provide the location where you want to save the file in "Where" option. Click Save.


Step 4: Now as the message is displayed that exporting is finish you can click on Done.


Step 5: Now you can import this saved CSV file in Gmail account. You just need to import this CSV file.


Step 6: Once the contacts are imported in Gmail account, you can export them as vCard format. In case you are using fresh Gmail account, you can export all contacts as "My Contacts". Or select "The Group" and select the "Imported (Date)" option. Check the vCard format option and hit "Export".


Thus, in few steps and using a Gmail account you can easily migrate Outlook 2011 contacts to vCard files. But this method needs a running Outlook for Mac account, this means you must have access to your Mac machine and Outlook 2011 account. In case you just have an archived OLM file or you need a simple way to migrate OLM contacts to vCard file. You can go for an online third party solution like OLM Contacts Migrator which can help you know how to export contacts from OLM to vCard format in easiest way.