OLM Contacts Migrator

A Miraculous Tool Targeted to Export Outlook 2011 Contacts from Mac Outlook OLM to PST, CSV & vCard via Reliable Mode

  • Processor – 1 GHz processor(2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • Memory – 1 GB RAM
  • Disk Space – Around 7.76 MB for installation
  • Convert OLM contacts from Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook (.PST).
  • Move Mac 2011 Contacts to .CSV and vCard (.VCF) in batch.
  • Transfer Mac Contacts to Outlook, WLM, Gmail, Yahoo, and other contacts supportive applications.
  • Migrate Contacts to PST of UNICODE type.
  • Simple & straightforward to understand Graphical User Interface.
  • Generates Export Report with converted contacts details in any of the three file extensions.
  • Standalone tool & requires no dedicated platform to perform the migration.
  • Displays the live Exported Item Count, live folder path, subject, and the rest conversion status as an ease for the user.

Top – Features

Shift Contacts from OLM File

An OLM file is the manual archive file of Outlook 2011 database. The software supports conversion of OLM file into different file formats so as to support their accessibility in a variety of applications. With the tool, "N" number of contacts can be migrated.Only One OLM file can be added for conversion at a time.

Generate Unicode PST File

When the software converts Mac Outlook Contacts file to PST, it creates Unicode formatted PST. This gives the advantage to migrate multiple number of contacts into Outlook. The Unicode PST also offers the advantage of storing maximum data when selected as a file to download mails.

Export OLM Contacts to CSV File

The major benefit of saving OLM contacts into CSV file is that it can further be accessed using the MS Excel application. CSV file can also be imported into web based email applications such as Yahoo, Google, etc.

Move Outlook 2011 Contacts to vCard

Exporting OLM file contacts to vCard enhance accessibility of contacts incorporated in the file as it can then be accessed over multiple advance devices such as tablet, smart phone, iPhone, etc. including many email applications.

Batch Migration of Mac Outlook Contacts

Tool is used to export Outlook 2011 contacts from Mac OLM to Windows Outlook PST, CSV and vCard format in batch. Execution of multiple files in one instance results in saving time while processing and converting contacts.

Single Panel – Graphical User Interface

The tool comes in simple and single panel GUI that makes it easier to understand for users. Availability of all commands, menus and buttons on a single panel ensures easy migration task without wasting time.

Availability of Multiple file Formats

Conversion of Mac Outlook OLM contacts to CSV, PST and vCard offers the flexibility of importing and accessing contact information in other email applications. Moreover, the contacts can be viewed over Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems including iOS and Android.

Export OLM Contacts to Outlook PST

With the help of the tool, you can export contacts from Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook PST file without losing even a single bit of information. The benefit of exporting OLM file contacts to MS Outlook PST file is that it can further be imported and viewed in the Outlook email application.

Shows the Current Conversion Status

One of the interesting feature which is absolutely committed to a quick display mode of the current conversion position of the entire process as Exported Item Count, Current Folder Processed, Current Folder Path, Current Item Subject.

Independent Conversion Platform

The software does not require any specialized application installation for converting the OLM file. However, if the OLM file contacts have to import to PST file, it is necessary that MS Outlook for Windows (any edition) is installed on the machine for successful conversion.

Can I transfer all OLM contacts to my Gmail account?
Yes, the tool will help you converting OLM contacts into CSV format; you can further import this CSV file into your Gmail Account.
Is the tool supports batch migration of contacts?
Yes, the tool performs batch migration of Mac Outlook OLM files to PST, CSV and vCard format.
Is there any size limitation for OLM file that is to be converted?
No, is the tool not bounded with any file size limitations, so you can convert any size of OLM files and export Outlook 2011 contacts into PST, CSV and vCard.
Does the tool needs any supportive application for converting contacts
No, it is a standalone tool that does not require any supportive application for conversion; however, you will require dedicated platforms for accessing the contacts.
Can I save OLM contact into MS Excel?
Yes, you need to convert OLM contacts to CSV format in order to save and access them into MS Excel application.

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