OLM to MBOX Converter

Tool Provides Flexibility to Access Entire Mail Items from Outlook 2011 (.OLM) to MBOX File Extension – Supported by Numerous Email Applications

  • Processor – 1 GHz processor(2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • Memory – 1 GB RAM
  • Disk Space – Around 5.71 MB for installation
  • Easily Export Outlook 2011 Mac emails to MBOX format.
  • Offers to export Mac Outlook Mails to Mac Mail, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Keep original structure & formatting of the data intact.
  • Offers to choose the destination location for storing files.
  • Large Mac OLM files can also be converted to MBOX.
  • It offers enhanced accessibility to Mac Outlook emails as MBOX files can further be imported into numerous email applications.
  • Performs read-only operations on OLM files.
  • An efficient and effective solution as it works accurately without making any compromises with the actual structure of the data and not even a single bit of information gets missed during conversion.

Key – Features

Make New Folder for Storage

The tool offers to make a new folder for storing newly converted files. Apart from this it also enables user to save the converted file at any desired location. The source files remain unaffected as these files, or any of their components are not altered or edited during conversion procedure.

Grants Accessibility to Files

The Outlook for Mac OLM files processed and it offers flexibility to OLM files that were accessed on Mac Operating System only. After conversion is completed, the MBOX files can further be viewed in numerous email clients and applications with all key features intact.

Cross Platform Accessibility

The tool converts Outlook 2011 for Mac entire email messages from inbox, drafts, sent items, deleted items & all other personal mail folders to MBOX format & further helps to transfer Mac Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird in Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS X.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy

The tool helps in maintaining the original structure of data, i.e. the sequence of the folder containing subfolders remains as it is after conversion. Also offers to save the converted Mac Outlook database at the location of your choice. It performs read only operation on original OLM files and creates new files for storing converted data.

Attributes Remains Intact

It helps in keeping Meta-data in its actual format, i.e., all the key attributes and properties of emails such as 'To', 'Email id', 'CC', 'BCC', attachments, hyperlinks, received date, sent date, etc. are kept maintained and there is no compromise made to any of the elements or its formatting.

Generates Summary Report

As the conversion process starts, the tool generates summary export report for the selected OLM file. It will display information related to converted MBOX files such as "Exported Mail Count", "Current Folder Path, "Current Mail Subject" and "Total Error Count".

Easy & Interactive Interface

This tool is a user-friendly software and lets all types of users to execute this tool without any external help. Technical users as well as novice users can operate this software with easy and simple operation steps.

No File Size Limitation

The software imposes no size limitation on the Outlook for Mac OLM file and users can convert OLM file of large size as well. Also can migrate multiple OLM files but it can be done by adding OLM files one by one.

Is there any size limitations for OLM files?
No, the tool supports all size of OLM files and there is no file size limitations imposed on files.
Is the tool helpful in converting OLM emails into Eudora?
Yes, as the tool offers to convert .olm to .mbox, the resultant file can further be imported into Eudora and many other MBOX supportive email clients as well.
Does the tool support batch conversion of OLM files?
The tool converts OLM files to MBOX on one by one basis. However you can convert limitless files with the help of this tool.
Do I need any other application for supporting conversion process?
No, this is a standalone tool that works independently without the help of any supportive application.

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